The Frictionless Joy of Using a Single Platform ⇒

On his blog, Jack Baty writes about his recent experiments with Arch Linux on an older ThinkPad:

It’s the idea of Linux that I love. Wall to wall freely distributed, open source software is such a cool thing. Being free from reliance upon any one particular vendor is a great feeling. Having endless choices for how the operating system and software behave is liberating. I like having a variety of hardware options and not being stuck with a brand new laptop with the shittiest keyboard in the world. And I must admit, I don’t mind the nerd creds that using something like Arch provides. It makes me feel like I’m zagging, and I like zagging.

Read the rest for his impressions and where he’s going from here. My challenges have been similar, but they’re taking me in a slightly different direction.

What good is being reachable from halfway around the world if you can’t be reached by someone standing right next to you?



Southwest Sunrise

My kid discovered the old patch bag today.

“To really understand the meaning of life, we have to go beyond thinking and experience the vast scale of life directly, with our own body and mind.”

– Dainin Katagiri Roshi

There’s something magical about getting up early to watch the dawn break. Coffee in hand, I drink in the silent moments before the day’s fury begins.

CADY 3-in-1 Corner Rounder - surprisingly useful.

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