The Author

My name is Erik Hess, and I’m a designer, developer, and recovering fighter pilot living in Carson City, Nevada. I spent thirteen years on active duty in the US Navy flying Tomcats and Super Hornets off aircraft carriers. The most rewarding part was teaching others to do it too. For a short time after leaving active duty I flew Tigers in the Navy Reserve, where I continue to serve at lower altitude and speed.

Outside the Navy, I’ve worked at high90 and collaborated with Gabe Weatherhead on a few cool projects like NerdQuery, CriticMarkup, and Generational. With the help of Potatowire we made Technical Difficulties, and more recently Seasons of Obsession.

The Site

In late 2011 I built the first iteration of The Mindful Bit. It now has a different name that better reflects my struggle to understand the world. I’m still fascinated by the intersection of mindfulness, technology, and design. I’m still puzzled and fascinated by the world’s impermanent, emergent, and unsatisfying nature. I’ll be working on mindfulness for the rest of my life. While I don’t have any good answers, in the meantime we can have enlightening conversations around the questions.

The site itself has been rebuilt six times, using Tumblr, WordPress, Squarespace, Ruhoh, Statamic, and now Jekyll hosted via Github Pages. It’s currently typeset in Georg Duffner’s beautiful EB Garamond. I use the site to play around with new web technologies, so it changes a lot. I hope that doesn’t get too annoying for you.

These thoughts – however little they’re worth – are my own and not those of my past or current employers. We are what we do, not who we claim to be. This site is no exception.