Last week was tough. My kid was sick with stomach flu so my days were spent providing daddy day care and trying to squeeze in work wherever I could.

Aside from missing our weekly podcast recording session, the saddest reflection on my lack of productivity was barely getting through 40 pages of David Allen’s recently-released revised edition of Getting Things Done.

We’ll have a more comprehensive writeup as soon as we can get it done, but at first glance the revised edition is worth buying even if you already love and (try to) live GTD.

Allen has rewritten the book to make it as timeless as possible. As he says in the Introduction to the Revised Edition:

In order for a space exploration team to land on Jupiter in 2109, they will have to employ the same principles for maintaining control and focus as anyone does today.

While I wouldn’t try landing on Jupiter even in the most techno-utopian version of 2109, Allen’s point still stands – people are people, and making stuff happen will probably take a lot of the same skills as long as humans are around.

Hopefully this new edition can help me figure out a way to power through my inbox with Paw Patrol blaring in the background.

No job is too big, no pup is too small.