Put it down.

Whatever device you’re reading this on, just put it down and walk away. I won’t mind, I promise.

Go help someone. Talk to them for a bit. Ask them about their day. Maybe take out the trash if that needs to be done. Fold the grocery bags. Put something away. Clean up a small mess somewhere.

Maybe there’s nobody around to help. Walk outside. Inhale. What color is the horizon? Exhale. What’s the farthest thing you can see right now? Move in that direction, in an unhurried manner. By foot if possible, by bike or car if not.

Why are you looking at a picture? GO!

Why are you looking at a picture? GO!

Don’t pull out your phone. If you’re walking, listen for the quietest thing you can still hear. What is it? If you’re driving, don’t turn on the radio. Roll down the window, even if it’s raining or snowing outside. What does the breeze feel like?

Smile at someone you see and say hi. Continue the conversation or keep moving, but resist the urge to break eye contact and look at the ground in front of you. When you see a place you’ve never visited before, stop and explore it. Ask the people you meet polite questions about things they feel are important. Learn. Thank them.

Walk to a place where you can see the sky again. What are the clouds doing? Are they moving or changing in any way? What color are they? Are you sure?

Where is your home? Not where you sleep at night, your home - where you come back to, always. It’s not necessarily a place.

How will you find it if it’s not right here? When will you get there if it’s not right now?