Harry Marks at Curious Rat has an excellent writeup on how and why he switched his blog from Squarespace 6 to Statamic.

For me, it’s all about control. I don’t want my templates changing unless I change them and I have to be able to get to all my content easily. I hated loading my site when it was still on Squarespace and seeing that my pagination buttons had moved or something I’d hidden before was now being displayed.

I enjoyed my time with Squarespace and think it’s a great platform for people who don’t want to take on the role of site builder, designer, and administrator. The exploits of their fanatical, dedicated support staff during Hurricane Sandy are now legendary.

Still, I like to tinker and try new things. Having deep, unfettered access to my code and content is a real plus for me. Thanks to helpful, friendly folks on the internet, I found a web publishing workflow that better matches my experience, goals, and design.

What’s really great about the web is that there are so many options out there for site hosting, whether you’re a complete novice or master hacker. It feels like we’re in a golden age of personal communication and publishing.