I’ve been swamped for the past week and a half. First it was a short trip to June Lake then I followed it up with a tight work deadline. Here’s my chance to catch up on a few awesome things that happened while I was mindlessly preoccupied in the shadow of the Sierra.

Just outside June Lake, CA

Just outside June Lake, CA

Generational 34 - Developing Workflow Software with Greg Pierce

Gabe and I were stoked to have Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise on Generational a couple of weeks ago. The way Greg and other developers have wrung inter-app communication out of iOS still amazes me, and I couldn’t go a day without using Drafts on my iPhone. The show is one of my favorites, so give it a listen.

Generational 35 - Information Capture and Recall with Bradley Chambers

On our next show we dove into information capture with the talented Bradley Chambers of Chambers Daily and the Out of School podcast. Bradley took us through his Evernote workflow and as the show progressed I got to reexamine a lot of the ways I use the service. He also announced his latest project—Learning to Love Evernote—a series of screencasts on how to unlock the power of Evernote in your daily life. Check it out.

I’m Hooke’d on Dr. Drang

A couple of days ago, Dr. Drang followed up on our inflammatory episode about the joys and dangers of experimentation. In his informative and heartwarming manner, he tells how his son learned about strain energy from a master:

“You need to move around to the other side,” I said.


“Because when I cut through, these screws are going to shoot out like bullets, and you’re standing in the way.”

“Really?” I should mention that my son is sixteen years old and therefore assumes that I’m full of shit. But he moved anyway.

The post—“Now We See the Violence Inherent in Hooke’s Law”—is exactly as awesome as you would expect.

While you’re visiting, you should read his post about the water tower scene in Iron Man III—Steel in Extremis. The charts alone are worth a look, especially if you’ve got superhuman steel-melting abilities.

I have a hard time watching military or aviation movies for the same reason, Doc.

A Marked improvement in CriticMarkup

Finally, the ever-talented Brett Terpstra has tweaked CriticMarkup so it works well with the current version of Marked, my go-to app for Markdown composition on the Mac.

CriticMarkup in Marked 1.4

CriticMarkup in Marked 1.4

The best part is that you can now play with our nifty three-pane edit view which was previously accessible to only Marked beta testers. Brett has the details on how to set the whole thing up over at his blog.