In the U.S. Navy, whenever a ship leaves port it swiftly hauls down the flags from the jackstaff at the bow and flagstaff at the stern, and raises the ensign on the gaff, behind the main mast near the middle of the ship.

This process is called “shifting colors”, and when done properly both flag changes happen at the same time. This gives the illusion that the ensign has disappeared from one spot and reappeared in another.

Along those lines, I’m taking a break from posting here so I can write in an official capacity (and hopefully more regularly) at the new high90 development blog. Joining me there is my business partner and friend Bob VanderClay. I’ve even been told we may see occasional visits by everyone’s favorite show-notes guru and internet celebrity, Potatowire.

Preparing to leave the JFK as quickly as I know how.

Preparing to leave the JFK as quickly as I know how.

Thanks for reading, and please consider stopping by our new place. I’ll continue to write about the same topics and ideas, plus more on software development. You’ll hear more than just my voice, since Bob and Potatowire are pretty smart guys, and they’ve got a few things they’d like to say too.

In many ways it feels like we’re just now getting underway at high90, even though the company turns ten this year. We may just be starting with a blog, but you have to start somewhere. We hope you join us for the rest of the journey too.