I have an idea for a new communications service. Here are a few key features.

  • You cannot decline this service. Everyone is enrolled by virtue of having a residence.
  • You get one real-world, physical inbox based on the building at which you live. This one inbox must be shared by all people living in that building.
  • You pay nothing to receive items through this service. Senders are the service’s customers, recipients are the product.
  • You can pay extra for another inbox just for you or your business, but you’ll have to drive across town to a central location to pick your messages up. You receive no additional features by virtue of being a paying recipient.
  • Anyone can send an item to you by paying a small fee. Advertisers can pay a substantially reduced rate if they send large quantities of items to many recipients.
  • By default, all government and utility correspondence will be sent to your shared physical inbox.
  • It is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to prevent someone from sending you an item.
  • There is no filter on this inbox. This is a feature for the customer (senders, particularly high volume senders).
  • If the unread items in your local or centralized inbox exceed a certain quantity, all correspondence (regardless of its value to the recipient) is sent back to its origin. This guarantees that as a recipient you must place your eyes and hands on every item that enters this inbox once every few days.

What do you think? Is my service going to be a hit?

Is it any wonder why such an organization would have trouble making ends meet in the 21st century?