Macdrifter has an excellent post about how he uses DayOne. It’s worth taking the time to read in its entirety:

DayOne and Time Travel

The following quote made me stop and think:

So how does all this relate to a trivial review of an application like DayOne? It’s the first time I’m keeping a journal for someone other than myself. Every other thing I write is for me, but what is going into DayOne is for my Daughter.

Ideally, this is the core purpose of all these gadgets we surround ourselves with. They should make us more human. They should connect us rather than drive us apart or spirit us away from the here and now.

How often do we use technology as a tool to live more fully, and how often is it just something we use to kill time when we’re bored?

I’ve been on the wrong side of that equation for a long time.