My friends Gabe Weatherhead and Jeff Hunsberger just released their beautiful new beer journaling app TapCellar on the iOS App Store.

App in its natural environment

App in its natural environment

They’ve been working on this one for a long time and it shows. The design is clean and refined, everything an app should be in the post-iOS 7 era.

I particularly like their use of color. It’s easy for app designers to let accent colors get out of control in this new era ( I’m looking at you) but Gabe and Jeff chose a subtle beer-tinted palette and made smart decisions on highlight placement in a way that really sets TapCellar apart from other apps.

I used to live in a state that was behind the times as far as craft beer was concerned. Now that I’m free I’ve spent a lot more time looking for good beer as opposed to just trying to find drinkable beer.

I’m sure TapCellar will come in handy as I keep exploring.

Give it a try.